Kate Bosworth


"Acting is a life experience. I'm always learning things when I'm making a movie. So the fame part of it is fine when you consider what you get out of this job." - Kate Bosworth quote

"Do you think it is possible to love someone your entire life and never realise it?" - Kate Bosworth quote

"Great Danes are just, like, so great, aren't they? They're just, like, big dogs! I know! Yeah, yeah, Great Danes are great. Oh, my God, they just so are!" - Kate Bosworth quote

"I want success for everybody is what I'm saying. I think that's really important actually, especially in this business. It can be so cutthroat." - Kate Bosworth quote

"That's the funniest thing about portraying certain things on screen, sitting next to your parents and they get to see this glimpse of me kissing another guy." - Kate Bosworth quote

"The other day a friend called and told me they made a porn film using the title of my first movie. I guess you know you've made it when there's a porn parody of a movie you've done." - Kate Bosworth quote

"You promote your films; it's part of your job. You do the magazine covers and stuff, and then I try to live a really normal life. I definitely don't try to make it into any more craziness than it is." - Kate Bosworth quote

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